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Pachanga Latin Workout

Denver is flourishing with the flare of city life, business innovation, and remarkably progressive health and fitness facilities.

If you are living, or just visiting the Denver area and looking for an invigorating new fitness activity, you should try Pachanga Latin Workout.

Pachanga Fitness is a simple, fun, and intense combination of 100% Latin music, original Latin-dance inspired choreography, and other powerful fitness moves. Every choreographed song has 3 to 4 simple steps that are easily executed, and precisely integrated to keep you moving, and burning calories and fat. This is not a traditional dance class, this is a super-fun fat-burning workout. 


Pachanga Latin Workout

Felix Ojeda, the owner and founder of Pachanga Latin workout was born in Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela, and has been dancing to Latin music his entire life. He created Pachanga in 2008 because he felt that everyone should experience the intrinsic power, health benefits, and pleasure of dancing to Latin music.

Felix said, “I love teaching Pachanga Fitness because I can see and feel the happiness and energy in every class; but most importantly, because I have seen substantial improvements in my students lives.

 Pachanga is always changing, and pushing your body past stubborn plateaus. The pulsing Latin dance music and energetic steps will keep your heart-rate elevated, and your mind engaged. Pachanga also increases the intensity of each workout session by incorporating kick boxing, capoeira, boxing, plyometrics, core work, squats and lunges.

Emily Nelson has been attending Pachanga classes for 4 months and has lost 42 lbs.
       “Pachanga is the only workout that I don’t realize how hard I’m working, because I am having so much fun,” said Nelson.

“I felt self-conscious to try Pachanga Latin Workout because I’m not a good dancer, or very athletic, but I’m so happy I tried it. It’s addictive,”said Craig Perez.

Anyone can enjoy the workout, and see the health and fitness benefits of Pachanga. It’s a workout designed for everyone, regardless of age, dance experience, or fitness level.

 Susan Blaine, started Pachanga Latin Workout with her husband Mark last year.
“ Pachanga makes me feel so good. I go to the classes for the exercise, but I think it is mental health therapy as well. I know when I have a bad day and go to Pachanga I always feel relieved and happy afterwards,” said Blaine

Pachanga will not only improve your overall fitness, but you will also have the opportunity to learn Latin dance techniques and rhythms, such as: salsa, cumbia, bachata, axe, samba, soca, reggaeton, murga, bomba, merengue, mambo, cha cha, and more.

Pachanga Latin Workout is an innovative and unforgettably fun experience that will leave you begging for more music, and more moves.


Read what class participants have to say about Pachanga:


 Mandy Yocom and Scott Hildebrandt

 1. How did you hear about Pachanga?

I was at a BBQ and overheard some acquaintances chatting about an amazing workout they were doing, and they both looked AMAZING so I decided to ask them about it. Those acquaintances are now good friends, and the workout they were raving about was Pachanga. They invited me to go with them the next morning, and I have been going at least five days a week ever since.

 2. Why did you decide to try it?

I had just made the decision to focus on changing my diet a little.  I wanted to include more vegetables and plan more of my meals. When I heard about Pachanga, I thought it could be an added bonus. I thought it would be something nice to do once a week. I never expected to fall head over heels in love with Pachanga.

 3. What did you think after your first class?

My friends explained that it might take a while to pick up the "moves." I expected to be completely lost and I knew it would be a good workout. I must say, I was amazed at how much I was sweating. The "moves" were easier than I thought, and any time I got lost, I just watched the footwork and concentrated on that. I was honestly surprised and inspired by how much energy Felix had. I couldn't wait to go back.

4. What other physical activities did you try before Pachanga?

In the past, I have always jogged and walked to get my exercise. I have done several 5k's and even a mini triathlon. I have also done yoga, but in the past five years, I have spent all of my time on my kids and my business, so I wasn't making physical activity a priority at all.

 5. What do you like most about Pachanga?

It is difficult to find ONE aspect of Pachanga that I like better than the others. I love the way it improves my attitude. I can be sad or irritable and a Pachanga class will ALWAYS improve my mood.  I've never looked forward to working out the way I do with Pachanga. I get upset if I can't go for some reason. I also love the energy I have after class and I love the changes I've seen in my body. (My butt has never looked like this. :) Also, I have met so many fantastic people. It's like a small community - I think everyone just loves being there.

6. How is Pachanga different from other workouts?

The overall energy and vibe is so FUN. Because of the sense of community, the high energy of the instructors, the intensity of the workout, and the awesome music, it just feels like a big PARTY!

 7. How much weight have you lost since starting Pachanga?

I have been doing Pachanga for six and a half months, and in that time I have lost 49 pounds. I also changed my diet to include more vegetables, protein, and whole grains. I spend more time planning my meals, and eat smaller portions, and cut way back on refined foods, but I really don't deprive myself of anything. I also drink A LOT of water, which is necessary after an intense workout like Pachanga.

 8. Would you recommend Pachanga?

I would and I have. I guess I am a walking advertisement. :) So many friends have seen my results and decided to try it. They love it, too. My boyfriend used to giggle at my "obsession" with Pachanga, and then he decided to try it - and now he's hooked too. He also does crossfit and teaches spin, but he has even lost 10 pounds since he started Pachanga two months ago. People stop me and ask me what I'm doing - and I love telling anyone who will listen about Pachanga, and how it has completely changed my life.

Pachanga Latin Workout

 Shaun Gaffga

I was invited to a Pachanga class by a woman that I had gone out on a date with.  I tried pachanga because I had hit a plateau and honestly, I was bored. It was very intimidating at first and I felt very self-conscious. I felt great after the first class however, I was energized and on a exercise "high." I tried Zumba once and didn't like how slow it was. There was less enthusiasm with the Zumba class.
The time flies in  Pachanga; we warm up and the next thing you know it has been close to sixty minutes and we are cooling down. In other words, 60 minutes of cardio feels like 15. I have lost roughly 20 pounds, and 2 inches off of my waist. I would recommend Pachanga to anyone. You feed off the energy of the group, and get a fat burning, sweaty, awesome workout.  

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Overstreet Dance Gallery: 

Address: 5366 S Bannock St, Littleton 80120:

Class Schedule:
Monday- Friday & Sunday: 9:30 am
Monday to Thursday: 6:pm
Saturday: 9 am & 10 am 
Childcare available Monday -Friday during our 9:30 am class  
Free street parking available.


Pachanga Latin Workout in Westminster

Address: 7230 Meade St, Westminster, 80030, Colorado.
Schedule: Monday through Saturday 9:30 am
Monday to Thursday 5:00pm
Free Parking and showers available.











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