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Felix Ojeda (Owner)

Felix is the founder and owner of Pachanga fitness.

At Pachanga Fitness we are committed to offering you the best classes available by making them simple, fun, and intense.

We are confident that once you try Pachanga Fitness you will love it!

Our goal is to keep your body challenged, constantly improving, and exceeding all your personal fitness, and weight-loss goals. 

Maggie Boillot 

 Maggie is a certified Pachanga Fitness instructor.

Laurie Bourg

Laurie started taking Pachanga classes several years ago and participated in the original instructor certification class back in March of 2011.  She figured out how to turn her passion into a part time job and began teaching classes shortly after that.  She works full time for Denver Public Schools as an Instructional Dean.  This job can be very stressful but at the end of the day Pachanga works the stress right out!  She feels that Pachanga brings great balance to life.  Join her class and you will forget that any problems exist for that hour.  Classes are always Simple – Fun – and Intense.  She will always remind you to follow Pachanga's number 1 rule.  SMILE and enjoy your workout!

Laurie teaches:
Monday night at 6:30 at Bally's Sport Galleria at Colorado Blvd
Saturday mornings at 9:30 at Pachanga Fitness at 7230 Meade Street

Kristi Williams


Kristi Williams began teaching Pachanga over 2 years ago when we first began offering classes at Overstreet in Littleton. She’s taught at several locations around the city and is looking forward to teaching at Bally Total Fitness in the new year. Kristi’s favorite part of teaching Pachanga is the lasting friendships she’s made over the years, both with students and other instructors. “We all start coming to Pachanga classes for many different reasons, but we keep coming back because it feels amazing to do something good for yourself when you’re surrounded and supported by great people, who get as much joy out of our classes as you do.”



Sdenny is a certified Pachanga Fitness Instructor.



Sandy is a certified Pachanga Fitness Instructor.

Amy Bourcy

Pachanga is the perfect fit for a cardio junkie like me!
I had been a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, raising 3 kids, and needed to lose some weight but couldn't find the right fit for me until I found Felix. I had walked out of 6 Zumba classes, Yoga was too sslloooowwww, Pilates bored me, and I did not like the monotony of the eliptical, treadmill and stair stepper. Pachanga is perfect if you enjoy a high intensity, high cardio workout with great music! I became addicted, attending anywhere from 6-10 classes a week. Combined with a watchful eye on my diet, I dropped my excess weight and became comfortable with my body. My energy level increased tremendously and I made some wonderful, life long friends! Now I am an instructor who truly loves her job! Every once in a while, there is a day that I don't feel like teaching. But, after the first 2 songs, I am excited, I am energized, and I am thankful to have Pachanga in my life!
Amy Bourcy
42 freakin' years old and LOVIN' life!

Ana Chavez


My name is Ana Chavez and I began my experience with Pachanga Fitness at a gym where Felix Ojeda the owner and founder of Pachanga was teaching. After my first class I was swept of my feet! I was hooked! I attended classes for two years and got certified in 2011 to teach. I love Pachanga Fitness because it's simple, we use easy choreography that delivers fun and intense moves to work out your body. While burning up to 800 calories per session I can guarantee you will not regret your experience with us. So come and join us for an amazing workout.


Danie is a certified Pachanga Fitness Instructor.



Emily is a certified Pachanga Fitness instructor.

Melissa Flaughma

I began taking Pachanga classes about 5 years ago.  I really enjoyed the fun choreography, and the overall energy of the class.  I loved that each new song targeted a different muscle group and provided an intense full body workout.  In the spring of 2013, I decided to become a Pachanga instructor and I went through the training process.  Since I started teaching, I have seen a complete transformation in myself.  I have lost 24 pounds and I feel absolutely amazing.  I have 4 children and I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  In our Pachanga classes, we have new music and new choreography each month so this workout is always fun, fresh and new.  


My name is Licha Castillo and Im a Latin Pachanga instructor. I've been doing Pachanga for three years. Pachanga is the best workout out there because it's fun, intense, and it helps tone your body. I love teaching Pachanga because it keeps me in shape and I like to see people achieve their goals by doing Pachanga.


Erika is a certified Pachanga Fitness Instructor.


Terra is a certified Pachanga Fitness Instructor.


My name is Kate Loncaric and I started taking Pachanga classes at the end of 2011. After the first class I was totally hooked. As the mother of two with a job that requires me to be seated all day, I needed a workout that was extremely intense, upbeat, and fun. I found that in Pachanga. I have danced since I was four so Pachanga was a great way for me to work-out through dance. I moved out of state for almost a year, but continued to come back to Pachanga classes anytime I was in town. I became a Pachanga instructor in early 2013 as soon as I moved back to town.  I love being an instructor but still take classes as well and always have a great time. Pachanga is awesome!

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