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Palango! Fitness Training Certification. Be a Leader and Motivate.


Would you like to teach Palango! Fitness classes

Palango! has developed an instructor program to train and educate anyone interested in teaching our Palango! Classes.

 Palango! instructor certification requires every student to finish 10 Hours of our training.  Certifications training  are small so every student receives intensive hands-on attention from master instructors, individualized instruction, and physically interactive learning opportunities. 

Every student must pass the final audition in order to receive their certification. In the rare case that a student is unable to pass their final audition, the trainee must discuss his/her following course of action with a Pachanga Maestro instructor. Finally, a 10 hour internship of teaching classes must be completed by the instructor to receive his/her final certification ( classes must be taught at Palango! Fitness on Broadway Studio.

The purpose of the Palango! instructor training is to provide all the necessary tools to guarantee the future Palango! instructor a successful and enjoyable experience teaching. Our main goal is to facilitate the proper training, and skills to produce highly-qualified, confident instructors and maintain the impeccable integrity of the Pachanga Latin workout enterprise.

Palango! instructor training is different from any other fitness certification. The intense individual training and instruction you will receive is comparable to attending an elite training academy.

Becoming a Palango! instructor will enhance your self-confidence, physical fitness, and overall well-being. You will meet new people, love your job, and make money.

Here are some additional skills you will learn as a Palango! instructor:

1)  Latin dance moves from some of the of the most popular Latin dance styles such as, Merengue, Salsa, Mambo, Cha cha, and Cumbia. 

2) Basic Martial Art moves like boxing, karate, Capoeira, Muay Thai, kick Boxing, etc.

3) Basic fitness moves such as squats, lunges, plyometrics,obliques, etc.

4)How to cue and motivate your students through a 60 minute Pachanga class.

 You will also receive the Palango! Fitness handbook- manual, and two Palango! fitness routines and beats..

Training package is available now for $269.00.

After completing your certification, you will be part of the exclusive Pachanga Network continuing education. For only $30.00 a month you will receive progressive group training, and new music every month. This continual training will provide  motivational tools, tips, marketing material and innovative ideas to further promote your class. As an instructor, you will be connected to our on-line Palango! Fitness instructor network. The network will keep you updated on all Palango! activities, training-seminars, and events. You will easily be able to communicate with Palango! maestros, and fellow instructors to ask questions and receive support.

Becoming a Palango! instructor is an immensely rewarding opportunity. It will enrich your life, and you will feel empowered knowing that you are improving other peoples lives with every class you teach.  

Contact us for information about our franchise opportunities: 

Thank you,

Felix Ojeda,

Palango! Fitness.

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