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Felix Ojeda Founder and Main Instructor 

Welcome to Pachanga Fitness  is now Palango! Fitness– The Latin Workout!

Pachanga is a Spanish word that means basically "to come together and celebrate". It is a popular word in both Hispanic and Caribbean cultures. If you have ever been to a Pachanga class; you know it's all about coming together, celebrating, and having an amazingly fun workout!

At Pachanga Fitness we are committed to offering you the best classes available by making them simple, fun, and intense.

We are confident that once you try Pachanga Fitness you will love it!

If you have ideas or suggestions to improve your experience, please send us an e-mail. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience, superior instruction, and the highest quality workouts.

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The Original Latin Workout is Now Palango! Fitness

Pachanga Latin Workout is now Palango! Fitness is a simple, fun, and intense combination of 100% Latin music, original Latin-dance inspired choreography, and other powerful fitness moves. Every choreographed song has only 3 to 4 simple steps that are easily executed, and precisely integrated to keep you moving, and burning calories and fat. . This is not your traditional dance class, this is a super-fun fat-burning workout. 

Palango! is always changing, and pushing your body past stubborn plateaus. The pulsing Latin dance music and energetic steps will keep your heart-rate elevated, and your mind engaged. To increase intensity and stimulate lean muscle mass, we incorporate kick boxing, capoeira, boxing, plyometrics, core work, squats and lunges. 

Our goal is to keep your body challenged, constantly improving, and exceeding all your personal fitness, and weight-loss goals. 

Palango! will not only improve your overall fitness, but you will also have the opportunity to learn Latin dance techniques and rhythms, such as: salsa, cumbia, bachata, axe, samba, soca, reggaeton, murga, bomba, merengue, mambo, cha cha, and more. Latin dancing emphasizes movement through the hips and waist, which will strengthen and tone your abdominals and obliques. You will enjoy the pleasures of dancing while burning calories and inches! (Check out the testimonials for real-life success stories from our participants.) 

Pachanga Fitness is now Palango! is the ultimate high-energy workout, and a unforgettably fun experience that will leave you begging for more music, and more moves! 

Come join us and see how Pachanga Fitness can work for you!






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